Our Doro Girls

Doro Girls

Addis Ababa, September 2011.  Ethiopians celebrate the New Year on the eve of September 11th.  Known as Meskerem, the center of this national gala is a feasting dish called ‘Doro Wot’ or Chicken Stew.  On the days before along every road, you see women, men and children carrying home bunches live chickens.  Strange to see them hanging by their feet in a daze, knowing that they’re soon to become the center of much attention and joy.

It was two days before Meskerem that Finn set out to find his ‘Doro Girls’ and begin his egg farm.  We went to a small Poultry Stand recommended by a friend, and Finn quickly selected Sally, Emmaline, Kelly and little Ginger.  A youngster at the time, we guessed that Ginger was mistakenly included in the Meskerem roundup.

It’s taken some time, but the girls provide 2-3 beautiful brown, ORGANIC eggs each day!

Doro Bet

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