Our Faithful


San Francisco to Addis Ababa, 2011.  Malika wins the award for best traveller-though Thor outrivals her driving abilities!

From day one at SFO when we forgot the gate to her palace, through the Ethiopian rainy season and even now that she must live with us in an unheated house, Malika maintains her regal repose.

She delights in having a garden that gives her access to the warm Ethiopian sun at every angle on the dial. She’s fond of her chicken yard mates, particularly their daily food offerings of barely and corn meal.

She’s the best guard in town. One glimpse of Malika and most passersby literally jump and run, eyes wide open aghast that they’ve nearly been devoured. Meanwhile, Malika has barely noticed them.

Malika always stands by, looking out for us. We’ve been able to reward her with fresh cow hocks and lamb bones from the local butcher stall. She’s wild about the gobs of marrow and the heft of her sinewy treasures.

We love you Malika!

How am I to fly?

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