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Our Faithful

San Francisco to Addis Ababa, 2011.  Malika wins the award for best traveller-though Thor outrivals her driving abilities! From day one at SFO when we forgot the gate to her palace, through the Ethiopian rainy season and even now that … Continue reading

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Our Doro Girls

Addis Ababa, September 2011.  Ethiopians celebrate the New Year on the eve of September 11th.  Known as Meskerem, the center of this national gala is a feasting dish called ‘Doro Wot’ or Chicken Stew.  On the days before along every road, you … Continue reading

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Kids at Work

Addis Ababa, November 2011. I’m still having great difficulty accepting the fate of so many Ethiopian children who ‘must’ work for a living. It becomes one of those facts of life with which we move through on a daily basis. … Continue reading

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Our Great Adventure

August 2011, San Francisco.  During the last days before moving our household to Addis, when Thor and I communicated mostly in grunts and gestures,  London street artist Ben Eine rang the bell.  A rising star, Ben thought he might like to paint our west wall.  “Yes.” “Go, paint!” we … Continue reading

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Treasure Island Sailing

July 2010.   Ship Ahoy!  We are not surprised that Finn took to sailing like a fish to water.  The 10-day workshop at Treasure Island has been jam packed with solid instruction and helpful ‘life experiences’.  On Day #1, all … Continue reading

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Soccer Tigress #14

Feven, the family athlete, is completely enthralled with soccer.  ‘Defense’ is her current game, but she hopes to be a left or right wing soon.  For the last two seasons, she has been a member of the Jaguar Team of … Continue reading

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Gone Fishin!

Christmas 2009, Lake Langano, Ethiopia.  After countless casts with provisional homemade gear, our new fishing buddies joined the cause.  Within minutes, they pulled in the first catch.  Wow!  Gedame, the eldest of the group, gifted the largest Tilapia to Finn. … Continue reading

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